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The widow of a gunman who killed forty nine people at a nightclub nor salman the wife of the pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen is found not guilty by a federal jury in orlando of charges of aiding and abetting her now dead husband of providing support to jihadists and of obstructing justice and i thought you're gonna tell you now that she's innocent her uncle al speaking outside the courthouse prosecutors claimed salman conspired with her husband and plotting his attack and then lied to investigators the defense claim she was a victim of her husband's whims and had no part in it salman who has a young son from mateen was facing life in prison in miami eban brown fox news out of a job and ready for a fight a baton rouge police officer fire friday in connection with a fatal shooting of alton sterling back in two thousand sixteen violation of use of force has been sustained police chief murphy paul before firing the deadly shots newly released video shows that officer blamed salomone cursed at sterling and threatened to shoot him salomone is appealing his termination hundreds of people are gathering at cambridge university for the private funeral of famed british scientists stephen hawking who died earlier this month the age of seventy six hawking was best known for his groundbreaking research into black holes and other phenomena aside from the jelly beans and the marshmallow peeps the easter baskets being prepared by millions can be made a little bit healthier experts say the key is the chocolate you choose chocolate that's darker is going to be a little bit more nutrient dense it's going to be higher and cocoa solids directly from the cacao bean generally going to be higher in fiber and lower sugar cleveland clin nic dietitian lindsey malone the most unhealthy chocolate is white chocolate tampa who sell fox news.

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