Amanda Tommaso, Nassar and North Korea discussed on WTMJ Weekly


People are asking how to get away with this for so long does this help in some way answer that yeah because it shows that it wasn't just nassar in two thousand fourteen former michigan state university student amanda tommaso filed a complaint against nassar for sexual abuse although a university investigation cleared nassar of misconduct strapline nassar when notified about significant problems with nassar's practice the very person who was supposed to be looking after nassar turns out that he was also doing things that were inappropriate allegedly think anything could shock me at this point i'm just dying to know how deep and who know about it meanwhile reports say michigan state spent some five hundred thousand dollars for a public relations firm in january to track media coverage and social media activity related to nassar's case up next in unusual expedition outside the hermit kingdom facetoface meeting is the first for came outside of his country since becoming north korea's leader in two thousand.

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