School board fires Pico Rivera, California, teacher who insulted military


Beretta's home and pflueger ville we will know more as we sift through his media accounts and piece together all the money pieces of the puzzle to find out where when how and why he was doing all of this he had two roommates are being questioned it's not clear if at any health they tracked him down last night we ultimately located the vehicle that this suspect was known to be driving and witnesses told us he was driving and telling round rock austin police chief brian manley says he blew himself up in that car and an officer also opened fire condit's plane for four bombings this month that killed two people injured four another bom bom off yesterday at a fedex facility i just wanted to extend my thanks to the first responders have been working around the clock in texas homeland security secretary kirsten neilsen few moments ago the senate hearing where she'll be questioned on improving election security after the russian meddling in two thousand sixteen isis terrorist attack afghanistan again a bombing in kabul killed twenty nine people injured more than fifty others the day after us joint chiefs chairman general joseph dunford was in the capital for talks he's now on a different area of afghanistan talking to military officers and advisors you may recall the california teacher who went viral badmouthing the military he's now been fired gregory south saito was a history teacher had l rancho high were school leaders say students were bullied by his hatred of members of our military student recorded that classroom rant and now a unanimous school board decision to fire salcedo saying that his comments do not reflect with the school stands for jeff monosso fox news fox news fair and balanced us now lobbied campus no mainly late afternoon line thirty five cloudy tonight snow likely close to midnight a low thirty news no one to three inches i'm mike patrick here's a look at the stories we're following it's technically spring but winter's not cooperating meteorologists call for.

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