Needs go unmet 6 months after Maria hit Puerto Rico


To evacuate their homes as a major storm arise as expected a pablo an area already devastated by wildfires and mudslides in fact santa barbara county says it's expecting more rainfall in this single storm than accounting typically sees all year residents should prepare for possible flash flooding along with tumbling rock and mudslides from san luis obispo county south of los angeles we'll severe weather meantime also striking the southern us tornadoes and hailstorms causing widespread damage chris pallone takes us there says many cleanup underway in parts of alabama and georgia after powerful storms spawned tornadoes hail right there baseball sized hail across the region cars in hopes damaged destroyed near cullman alabama trees and power lines knocked to the ground is well the national weather service confirms at least three tornados touched down in the state with a college town northeast of birmingham taking the biggest hit showing for nine pm a tornado and package jacksonville virus extensive damage the campus of jacksonville state university took a direct blow brian scott took cover in his bathroom palm as soon as i put the blanket over my head comes off fifteen minutes brand new tank in there throughout the area people like rusty pool or taking stock of what's gone in what's left star over bark over in realizing that everything they spent years working for can disappear in an instant put so much effort into it you try to make it right it's a storm you just don't want to mess with being your place of safety prediction center issue to repeat es or particularly dangerous situation warning before the outbreak in people had a fifteen minute warning to take cover the good news is there's there's no known injuries or fatalities and for that we thank god the system moved east damaged dozens of homes in the atlanta suburb it's a stark reminder that in the southeast peak tornado season has arrived crisp alone hawaii news now six months since hurricane maria hit puerto rico and more than one hundred and twenty thousand people are still without power authorities say the entire island may not have power until may just before the atlantic hurricane season comes around again maria a category four storm when it hit in september caused an estimated one hundred billion dollars in damage spoke today at the reports at the federal trade commission will be investigating the social media company it's under.

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