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If i had to guess i'd say over the course of the entire year probably five hundred hours for each of us and that's just pull that out of the air uh this year five hundred hours for each of us of the first couple years it was more like i was in hours breach of his there was definitely a halftime job for sheer i'd say now more it's monica probably averages ten or fifteen hours a week where some weeks or closer to five hours in some weeks or closer to thirty or forty hours just depending on the time of year on what's going on corey lee new asked what was the most unexpected good thing you learned slash encountered slashed discovered when you joined microsoft oh this is a good one unexpected good thing um microsoft is an evil of course i have learned that before a joint which is why i joined but i think going into microsoft going on campus and seeing all of the people who are just extremely passionate about technology in helping others and you know it's it's not just a marketing pitch that microsoft is changed its real and its top down it's kinda awesome and there's just so many amazing smart people that work bear ted i look forward to doing it every day ashley is the best thing that's ever happened to microsoft as that there we go she just jumped and on slackened reminded us of that and literally he's not kidding she says me i'm the best thing that think cathro capital in all count i love ashley guests from me i was surprised to find out that there were two versions of microsoft that have actually been doing opensource or a very long time i'll miss parts of like the apache foundation and things like that and also um how just how quickly on the cda team kind of scaled up so for most of you that are kind of aware like brian an i joining an ashley mcnamara and just rozelle and bridget and some of these people that work we work directly with unlike the go lennox containers groups um be are actually kind of the minority the team itself is like close to seventy people now rain.

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