The Single Most Important Factor in Reducing the Risk of a Mold and Moisture Lawsuit in Your Next Building Project


Well i think you know having spent off and on the better part of almost three years in flint working with clear risk in her coach jason family and friends i mean you know she is an inspiration to the town to the city that said you know she could never shake flint you know flint was always you know part of her um and you know everybody she knew two to one extent or another was involved with the police or uh you know had runins in you know there's just so many challenges living in the city lakefront so i think the police sided was always in the background and of the backdrop to her story and once that that film wrapped up in it came out this was around two thousand fifteen and it was just you know one thing after the next and i live in oakland in the oscar grant story you know hit home really hard and then i think after that it was just you know one officerinvolved shooting after the next in the ferguson situation took place and so is very much like on our conscience and it was like what's going on here and i think you know we were very interested in trying to understand you know what happens behind these doors of a police department you know what really is going on inside some of these places who becomes a police officer y for what reasons you know what are their intentions.

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