Charlotte Hornets beat Memphis Grizzlies by 61 points


At going deep nbc again it's at going deep and bc all right we love to there's so many stories going on in sports there really are good ones bad ones phony ones danny dan hurley wherever you wanna talk about namewise go and deeps qna let's get that music going nick are we catoon producer sean lost amok you have me tonight the charlotte hornets beat the memphis grizzlies by sixty one points tonight sixty one dan that's the largest margin of victory in the nba in the last year we all know the grizzlies are tanking yeah again silverado waiting to hear from adam silver after this well here's the thing okay let's look at who played i first of all charlotte one this game dwight howard suspended coming off a thirty two point thirty rebound game yet they won by sixty one you think that memphis is tanking you're correct jim michael green realm martin dillon brooks janta davis and tyreek evans was their starting five come on really if the chicago bulls are being told to play robin lopez in the bad holiday brother not drew holiday the other holiday where is adam silver telling the grizz they have to play some of their well even have better players i mean gonzales banged up right that is a terrible starting five really green martin brooks david evans yeah i can see why they would lose by sixty one points to charlotte and by the way charlotte would have won by more than that kemba walker in twenty eight minutes that's all he played twenty eight minutes forty six points including thirty five at halftime what an absolute joke all right give me another a here my friend frank gore signs with ami dolphins is going to play for his fourteenth nfl season he's soon to be thirty five years old are you a fan of gore continuing to play or should he just hang you know what he is seventy six yards shy of curtain curtis martin for fifth place to fourth place i believe is he the most underrated running back in this generation underappreciated.

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