A highlight from Interview: Ross Chastain and his WILD Martinsville Move, NASCAR Phoenix Preview

The Final Lap


The one. Do so at Patreon dot com slash the final lab. Thank you, He's the legend. I don't know. Anybody who does any kind of content like this, that's the ideal guy you want to be a fan of your work. Yeah, he's like all in on what we do, which is pretty awesome. He's always messaged us and just kind of checking up, letting us know how fantasy things are going and stuff like that. It's just really cool. It's awesome to have people. And there's more than just Joe that do that, by the way. It's really cool. To see how many people interact with us. But yeah, Joe, man. He takes it to the next level for this stuff. So really appreciate you, Joe. Appreciate everybody else. We got the full list coming up at the end of the show of all the contributors to our Patreon page. So let's get into it. We've got tons to talk about. Let us do this,

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