Libs Blame Lauren Boebert, Tucker Carlson for Colorado Gunman


Some of the things they were saying were just simply horrendous, as a matter of fact, I want you to listen to cut 14. This is someone saying that Lauren boebert that congresswoman and Tucker Carlson, they need to be flogged. They need to be punished for defending these children against these radical sex and gender revolutionaries. Cut 14. You need to see accountability and consequences. So first, a real quick hate crime charge here on top of the homicide charges, I applaud that. That tells me prosecutors and police, they found quickly what they needed. That means they know this was a bias crime. This is likely, and since we've heard reports that the subject isn't cooperating with police, that means they likely found clear and convincing evidence on his devices. If he's a consumer of the people we just rattled off from Lauren boebert to Tucker Carlson, let's get it out. Let's get it out at trial. Let's expose it for what it is. Name it and shame it. He's a consumer of these people and those people should face civil consequences from the victims. The other thing they want to deny is not only the safe harbor, but the way we resolve this. And by that, I mean, you asked earlier, how do we put a stop to hate? Well, one of the things you would normally do is teach young children in school, here's what race is about. These other people over here who may seem different to you. They have a different orientation. But you know what? Increasingly, states are saying, no, no, no. You can't talk about race or say the word gay or teach anything in schools. So they deny the resolution mechanism that we would normally use. So this guy is saying that the government clearly was a fan of Lauren boebert and watch Tucker Carlson all the time. Well, there's no proof of that. And I can not sit here behind this big, beautiful, huge conservative microphone, and tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the guys ever watched Fox News channel. I can't tell you that because nobody knows that.

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