Respect for Marriage Act Will Impact Your Priest, Preachers & You


Lot going on up on Capitol Hill. That's going to impact your preacher. Now, I suspect a good many of you actually are regular church attenders you go to mass, maybe you go to synagogue, you go to church, whenever the doors are open, if you're a baptist, well you got Sunday morning, then you got Sunday school, and then you got Sunday discipleship training and then Sunday Night services, and then you've got Wednesday, prayer meeting service. Baptist go to church a lot. What can I tell you? But the reality is you folks who go to church, what's happening up on Capitol Hill today is going to impact you and you need to be very, very, very, very concerned. About what the Republicans are going to be up to. And you say, well, Tom, wait a second. I thought the Democrats were in charge of the. So yes, they are in charge. But 12 Republican senators, including Willard Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, have sided with the Democrats to advance the respect for marriage act. Now, here's what we're looking for and we're waiting for. We are waiting for the vote, but we're also waiting for an amendment a vote on an amendment senator Mike Lee and Marco Rubio among others have urged their colleagues to insert language that would protect your preachers because as it now stands. If this law goes into effect, if this law happens, if Joe Biden signs his John Hancock on the piece of paper, then your pastor and your church would be subjected to lawsuit, so if let's just say a gay activist comes and they say, hey, we want to be married in your church and you say, well, we can't do that because you know we're Presbyterian or whatever. And they could, at that point, under this law, sue you.

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