Hogan Gidley: Unsure How Nick Fuentes Got Into Mar-a-Lago Dinner


Well, first things first, I heard you introduce me and far be it for me to correct the host here. I'm not the I'm not working on his real-life campaign as a spokesperson or any other way for that matter. I think it was a national press secretary for the last reelection in 2020. I think it's where the miscommunication may have occurred. But I will tell you, look, there are countless people that get in front of Republican and Democrat politicians that slip through the cracks or that no one really knows who they are until a picture is taken in a picture resurfaces. And that can be problematic for the individual. I don't know where the failure was here. If it was at the staff level, if it was at the Kanye West level, if it was, he just showed up and decided to bring this guy. But let's be honest. I mean, with the thousands and thousands of people that hold court in front of the president, either planned or unplanned, you never know how some of these folks actually slip in there. I think Donald Trump is saying he doesn't know anything about this guy. Is a good start and a good place to be from a messaging standpoint because you can't be associated with people who have such clear anti semitic views and thoughts. Donald Trump has done more for the Jewish community than any president in history has stood up for them after decades of politicians talking about doing things, for example, moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Everyone talked about it. No one did it, he did. That's just one of the other things. Not to mention, recognize from the Golan Heights and other things. So his record is unblemished. So he's got some credibility here to say, I didn't know who this person was. And so hopefully as the facts bear bear witness here that Donald Trump really had nothing to do with that in any shape fashion whether he comes out. Says something else about it. And my

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