Crossfire Podcast With Democrat David Carlucci


To, as you said, make an independent district. I think it was the wording and I may have got it a little bit wrong, but make a more independent district. In Georgia, that would require true what I would call gerrymandering. In other words, the district that I'm in up here in northeast Georgia is a 70 four 75% district, okay? It's a very rural dish you can already encompass this 20 something counties and plus in that. And so to quote make it more independent, if you would, you're having to go, you're going to take different areas and then have to pull them together with other areas. It might not have any similarity in the answer. For an area you're going to be possible. Yeah, no, and I'm not referring to that. I'm saying, hey, make it the real makeup of the community. You know, now you have the cracking and the packing and the idea there is that you put all the Democrats into one district, right? Make that a super competitive democratic district. Or super non competitive democratic district. Now here, it's one or lost in the primary. And some places that's unavoidable, right? But in many places in the country, it's not unavoidable, but that's what we've seen happen. And that's a real problem where the only way people get real participation in the process is through the primary, because by the time the general election comes, we know it's either a Democrat or a Republican district. And so that favors the ability for that candidate to really play to the extreme of that party. And that's what I warned my democratic friends because my democratic friends will often criticize the Republicans and say, oh, you know, look at the freedom caucus or look at these people that are really to the right. And it's scary, and they're pushing McCarthy, et cetera. And I say, well, yes, we see that in full display right now in the jockeying for the speakership. But don't fool yourself that it doesn't exist on the democratic side as well. And I

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