Trump Spiritual Adviser Says 'He's Like an Elementary Schoolchild'


Trump standing at the end of the table, he's got Franklin. All of mine are well behind. Ben Carson lime and I put Sam in Rodrigo's dinner by. He said he was scared of the same man. I said, good. I'm gonna put him right in front of your nose, and I did. And Donald Trump stands up and he says James. And Carson said he wouldn't endorse me. You know why we're here? Endorsement, let's talk to you. Tell him talk to you in our games. Do you remember that? I told Ben, I don't talk to anybody 15 minutes. He said, James, how long did we talk two hours? I said, no, sir, we talked an hour and a half. And I might add that so long as you've been quiet, your entire life. Hey, he died laughing and everybody else did. The man started calling him on his cell phone. And then he started asking me to call him him and for 5 years he took every single column. Sometimes two or three a day. You say, well, what were they? Many times they were encouraging. As he told Rick Perry said he just started to preach it. And he said, and then he just prays, Rick. He said, it's amazing. He said, you never want anything. Make sure to think he does. He wants God's will. He called me for marine one to tell me that he was sitting there having that conversation with Trump. Okay, he heard you can always heed. Everything you wanted him to hear. Every single thing you have a prayed for him to hear. Came through these lips, got straight into his face. And with the same force you've heard me talking to you, I spoke it to him. Sir, you act like a little element for school, child, and you shoot yourself in the foot every morning when you get up and open your mouth. The more you keep your mouth closed, the more successful you're gonna be. You say, well, that didn't work very well, did it?

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