Bintai Kinden Revenue Increased 136% in 2Q FY2023

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2 p.m. Thursday, November 24th, 2022. Bent I came down revenue increased 136% in two Q FI 2023. Malaysia, November 24th, 2022 ACN newswire candid corporation bear adverse, 69 98, a mechanical and electrical mapy engineering services specialist. Today announced that the company registered a 136.6 increase in revenue to RM 40.56 million for the second quarter ended September 30th, 2022 two Q FI 2023 compared with RM 17.14 million in two Q FI 2022 mainly due to higher contribution from mampe projects recovering from the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic executive director. Of binta, asri azeroth was the quarter under review. The company profit before tax PBT recorded a decline to RM one 93 zero zero zero compared with RM two 44 zero zero zero in two Q FI 2022 mainly due to higher cost. Gross profit margin for two Q FI 2023 stood at 15.35 compared with 43.06 in two Q FI 2022 after taking into account contribution by variation order of completed projects of the mampe business. Bent I can then register to 142.94 rise in revenue of RM 71.4 million for the 6 months ended September 30th, 2022 one HFI 2023 compared with RM 29.41 million in the corresponding period of the previous financial year. PBT for one HFI 2023 declined to RM 1.16 million compared with RM 1.5 million reported in one HFI 2022 dot in. Asri azura, executive director of condensed, quote we consider the continuing growth in economic activities following two years of lockdowns as a positive sign for more opportunities in mapy engineering services in Malaysia and Southeast Asia where our focus remains. The growth in revenue in the quarter under review is proof of the continuing recovery which we do not take for granted as we assess the risks and opportunities to grow as an investment conglomerate by taking stakes in unique and niche businesses with huge potential we are actively looking for more earnings accretive acquisitions. We are diversifying into the provision of telecommunication services to healthcare centers through a strategic venture under our indirect subsidiary Johnson medical international SD and B HD GMI that we announced earlier in November. We are also leveraging on JMI apos healthcare solutions and medical support systems expertise to explore the Middle East, which is a growing market. Through our 51 owned energy SDN, BH D, we are an a partnership distributing flanges and other related piping products in Indonesia for oil and gas on G projects dot corp and tie kingdom across total order book is RM one O 9.92 million, with RM one O 2.43 million from mampi projects and RM 7.49 million from all G projects. Bent I can then corporation bear hood 69 98 versa BKC. Dot com dot M Y copyright 2022 ACN newswire. All rights reserved. WWW dot ACN newswire dot com.

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