Emilio Estevez on Why He Didn't Trade on the 'Sheen' Name


I use the other than your dad talked about is how proud of you he was of you that you didn't ever, you kept your name. Which is his name. But he was saying, in his generation, like, I don't know if he would have been Martin Sheen if he'd had a Hispanic surname, but he, you know, he was proud of you that you well, you have to remember in 19 58. Yeah. But I don't remember it. But thank you. From a historical context, you, of course. I've heard of it. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. The Puerto Ricans were being blamed for everything in New York. And so my dad with his real name is Ramona stairs. And casting director said, dude, what? You don't look anything like you don't look Puerto Rican. And so he decided, hey, but even in 1979, 1980, when I started going out on auditions, casting directors and managers and agents here in this town would say, you know, you have to Shane name you should use it. You don't look Hispanic and my dad and I had that conversation. He said, don't make the same mistake I did. Yeah. What did you say? I made other mistakes. Was there any discussion between you and Charlie or your dad why he chose to keep it and you didn't or it just was personal decision? Charlotte takes shortcuts. Oh, what? Did I just do not use that clip to sell this? No. Do not Travis. I'm editing it out. God damn it, Travis, don't. Carlos estevez, you're not fooling anybody.

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