Steve Gill: Where Is the Body Cam Footage From Pelosi Home Attack?


Narrative that's coming out of San Francisco. What I find shocking is that there was actually some real journalism being done, and then all of a sudden somebody made the call, NBC retracts all of their reporting, the local Fox TV station, they retract all of their reporting and then the police just don't want us to believe the 9-1-1 call were clearly a third person was there in the building. Well, the door magically opened itself kind of like, you know, the Adams family, the door just opens itself while the two participants are clutching a hammer across the room. I want to see the, I mean, I'm sure that the San Francisco police department, even if they have defunded the police, still have their body cams. Where is the body cam footage? That will tell us everything we need to know. We don't need to ask questions. We just need to watch the videos. Let's go to the video. And honestly, the other weird thing about this is that now the police are telling us, well, we were there, and all of a sudden that's when the guy started hitting mister Pelosi with the hammer, you would think, why would the police not just rush right in and stop the guy? That made no sense to me. And why is the broken glass from the break in outside the house instead of inside the house? It's a great question. I mean, these are important questions. And Steve, look, again, and we share this in the first hour. We don't think anybody deserves to get hit over the head with a hammer. And what they were doing inside the privacy of the Pelosi mansion that's between them and Nancy, but it's how the Democrats are using this narrative to somehow accuse they want people to believe that this guy is some sort of a right-wing maga guy. It's just ludicrous. Well,

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