Caller: Paul Ryan Has Lost Touch With the People


To have red tsunami. I believe God's hand is placed in this state in this country too, especially Oregon. We can imagine if we get three congressional seats, but I want you to look backwards for a second year. Remember the Tea Party movement in 2010 and then the establishment Ryan Ryan and Willard Romney. I am not calling the mittens. They did not push the vote. They came out fundraised, but they never talked to the people. What Trump did and like Reagan, he came and told the people what he's planning to do. Propose and keep in mind Reagan had to deal with the Democrats of Neil and Richard gerhardt and yet he pushed to become a great president just like Trump. The biggest problem with Paul Ryan is just besides him getting a VA check cash and senator and James will Wisconsin that he'd done for his city. He had just lost touch with the people. He had gone away from the man I used to respect they used to go rafting down the rivers of Wisconsin and they were fishing and everything else to a man has become like a Rockefeller Republican establishment trash like Murkowski and would go on down the line even in various parts of my state's representation. But I believe we're going to my governor is going to get elected. And then get three congressional seats out west and you're going to see God stands move like the great awakening has gone about right now from Tennessee all the way to the Oregon coast. We should not live in fear. We should not let them intimidate us. And as I'm going to do as an alternate chairman, I encourage all my oregonians to come out and vote and vote if you need to, come on the last day and take it directly to the county clerks office and vote do not live in fear because fear is tool of the devil.

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