Caller: Donald Trump Has Too Much Against Him Going Into 2024


I say that, I don't believe Donald Trump should run again. I believe that he's got too much against him, and I don't think they're going to quit trying to get him till they get him with something. And he's got too many foes in both parties. So I think he's going to he's innocent. He's been my man, and I believe these gods man for the time, but you know, I just don't believe that he has a chance of winning anymore. Maybe desantis would be would be the one to go with now because Donald Trump's just got too much against him. And if people get behind him, I mean, he was the best president. This country has ever had in my opinion that I know of. So anyway, that's what I got to say. Yeah, you know Jeff that's an interesting, it's an interesting thing you brought up because Trump is going to be battling his own party, the establishment wing, and they're going to be coming after him. They're going to try to sabotage him. So he's got to not only fight the Democrats, and the mainstream media. He's going to have to take on the establishment wing of his own party and he is not going to have Fox News channel there to present the truth of these accusations that have been levied and will be levied against him, so that's something you've got to factor in. And the other big part of that is, where does Trump go to siphon off voters from the Democrats? What demographics will join him that have not joined him to this point.

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