Blake Masters: Stay in Line & Vote Today


Last few hours, what are you doing? And what are you hearing from voters out there? Just played catch with my kids, you know? I tried to decompress a little bit, but with all these problems at the polls, you know what I'm going to do right now? I'm going to go get dressed. I'm going to go to the longest lines in Maricopa County. I'm going to go shake hands with everyone in line. And thank them. Thank them for doing their duty for saving their country for braving. It's a little hot in Arizona today. It's in the 80s. I'm going to thank them and just encourage them to hold true to stay in line regardless of how they vote, right? Although I expect people voting today are going to break Republican just stay in line with vote and that's how we win. Real quick here, what's been the big issue for Arizona voters? You know, it's the twin crises that Joe Biden and Mark Kelly have caused. The border crisis and then the crazy economic inflation price. And two years ago, we had a secure border and inflation was one and a half percent. You didn't have to worry about it. Fast forward two years, wide open southern border, 5.4 million illegal aliens invited here. Welcomed here. By Joe Biden, fentanyl is coming in and inflation, of course, 8% nationally, 13% in the greater Phoenix metro. So Joe Biden Mark Kelly caused these problems. Everybody's waking up to that why we're having this red wave that we're starting to see right now. Blake one

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