Doug Reflects on Biden's Withdrawal From Afghanistan


Earlier last year make the call that we were going to be completely out by September 11th, 2021 to 20th year anniversary of 9 11 and really made no qualifications on it. He said, we're just simply going to be gone. During that time, we saw the Taliban begin to make their way back across country. We saw the Afghan army, which was supposedly very well trained, which it was not, which we put a lot of money into. We gave $70 billion in equipment, which was the Afghan army, which is interesting to say, you know, the discussion is that that was left by us. Well, it was not left by us. We had already given it to that army to the Afghans. What we found out was they didn't know how to use it and couldn't use it. So maybe we should have destroyed most of it before we left instead of letting it go into the Taliban hands. Again, different topic different podcasts, but I think these are the things that we see on the run. One of the things that we saw even as they closed on Kabul is we dropped out of the Bagram air base as we came back into Kabul. We saw the loss of life in American military that was over there trying to get out people. We saw people getting out, they shouldn't have got out. We saw people that should have been got out got left. Again, just a complete debacle. What is often missed in this was the discussion by many of us who were saying, this is the Taliban coming back to strength even stronger than they were before 22,001, in which they were a haven and we're already seeing this again. We were having for terrorist organization that were terrorists for Al-Qaeda, haven for ISIS. We saw this happening over and over and over again. Here's what bothers me and we were beginning to see it over the year. We were told by the Biden administration that we will use all diplomatic realms and we'll do everything we can to make sure that they live up to the norms of the rural society. Well, where is that pressure? I mean, it doesn't seem to be applying. I understand it's not easy. I'm not saying that Joe Biden can wave a magic wand and make the Taliban in Afghanistan do anything he wants. I mean, he's already gave up all that leverage. I get it.

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