A highlight from Rowdy Dragon's Fantasy NASCAR Picks for Phoenix

The Final Lap


Are. What's going on everybody? Rowdy dragon back again with this week's final app weekly fantasy segment of the show, covering Martinsville. How about that for a finish? Ross Chastain really put the hit on Denny Hamlin there in the end. All right, let's take a look at the stages for this week and see who put the hits on Martinsville for this week. For the first stage, lord Byron 24 fan was up top. Second stage we had a tie. 88 8 three Chevy, obviously, an Earnhardt fan. And rowdy dragon. I got myself a stage win. Now looking at the winner originally sparks are flying took home that checker flag, but after that penalty for Keselowski was issued, sparks took a huge hit, falling to the 55th spot. Finally, one of the penalties goes my way this season, so your winner, rowdy dragon. Collected 261 points, and a whopping 73 stage points on the day. Can you hear that? That's me pat myself on the back. Now my position in the league hasn't changed. I'm still sitting in second, just chipped off a few more points off that lead. We'll see what happens next weekend. Toby Christie, he came in the 32nd spot, not a bad finish on the day. Moving up to the 54th spot in the league. Carrie Murphy, he finished in the 51st spot, climbing up to the 67th in the rankings. Right now, looks like Toby has an 84 point lead over Carrie. Carrie will be hard pressed to catch Toby this weekend. Our sponsor Joe bike, he finished in the 58th spot. And sits in the 46th spot in the league. So now about this princess cruise ship business. Am I the only one who gets click baited every time I access my lineup? I think I may have booked a cruise on accident. It's happened so many times. I'm sure I'm not alone. All right, so looking back at last week's drivers, we had the 11, the 9, the 12, the 11 car ran well all day. But in the end being snookered by that Ross Chastain highlight reel we will all see thousands of times from here to eternity. Denny came home. 5th scoring two stage wins coming up with the most points for your fantasy lineup. Chase Elliott was also a FrontRunner for the latter part of the day, also collecting 18 stage points, coming in fourth, most

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