Hogan to gather with supporters amid White House speculation


Will he or won't he? Larry Hogan is gathering with supporters amid White House speculation. Maryland's Republican governor Larry Hogan will leave office on January 18th and appears to be considering his political future. Hogan's attending a leadership summit in Annapolis to talk about his record and the future of the country, then he's holding separate casino fundraisers, won a shindig for his nonprofit in America united, and another for his relatively new political action committee called better path forward, which has donated to moderate but unsuccessful Republican candidates in several states. Hogan served 8 years in Maryland where Democrats outnumber the GOP two to one, and he's positioned himself as part of a purple wave and alternative to former president Donald Trump, who has already announced his candidacy for president. Hogan's been a fierce Trump critic, saying in an interview that he lit up state hotlines by suggesting people could drink disinfectants to cure COVID-19, and one saying he'd given up guessing what Trump might do next. I'm Jennifer King

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