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AP sports I'm Josh rowntree and other comeback win for Tom Brady this time on Monday Night Football. More from correspondent to any cap. Tom Brady hits Rashad white on a 6 yard touchdown pass with three seconds left to help the Buccaneers edge the saints 1716, Brady and the bucks overcame a 13 point fourth quarter deficit to improve to an NFC south by 6 and 6, a game and a half clear of the falcons. Yeah, it was good, you know? We got a lot of games coming down to the end and some we won some we've lost, which is why we're 6 and 6. So not where we want to be, but we'll keep fighting. The touchdown with three seconds left was the latest game winner in Brady's 23 year career and the second 13 point fourth quarter comeback with the other being the Patriots infamous Super Bowl 50 win over the falcons. In the NBA, Boston got by Toronto one 16 one ten Jayson Tatum had a game high 31 points, but tipped his cap to some of his new teammates for their help in the win. We got some new guys on the team this year, but they're great guys, great teammates. Guys are really smart. That fit in perfectly. And we all just compliment each other. Memphis got by Miami one O one 93 as tyus Jones had 28 points and ten boards. We're all in this together. You never know how things can shake up. And guys got to be ready when their name is called. So we prepare like that every single day. And then again, nice like tonight. Our reasons why. On the ice Vegas got by Boston and they shoot out four three as golden knights coach Bruce Cassidy beat his former team 6 months after being fired by Boston. Something that'll get choked up about, obviously, probably in about three seconds. But like I said, I appreciate it. It's that simple. I appreciate it. You know, I do what I could here to help the team win. Now it's on to Vegas and what I can there. And some major reported signings in baseball's free agency, Justin Verlander to the mets on a two year deal worth over 43 million per season and Trey Turner to Philly on an 11 year $300 million deal. I'm Josh rowntree AP sports.

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