Is co-working market getting too big, too fast? Some say 'poaching' is a sign


Income a day with the last one that i mentioned to you is the shared executive office sweet business so many of us if we have operated at all in a remote office we might have operated out of a shared executive office space out of a regis type business that industry space is very rapidly growing at that space easy entirely absentee from the ownership perspective there is a facility manager a single employee who runs the business on a daytoday basis the owners rarely if ever actually set foot inside of the building so david as you start thinking about alternatives to build a secondary income i want you to realize that franchising in a number of different ways a number of different industry i think could fill that void for people of giving them either a secondary income stream on a parttime commitment or it gives you a soft landing it keeps you a transition point to say i've got to start the business today a good operated parttime for the next 1224 box at once that cashflows matured now baby i do leave my job at baby i only go to a parttime schedule knowing that i have the income that i need for my.

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