Steelers favored over Jaguars; some fans split on the rematch


Love so and i've learned a lot and this is what i'm hoping is in the super bowl the jacksonville jaguars do they even beat the buffalo bills i could they win yesterday i put aston villa one yeah i put my nonexisting money on on jacksonville no ben was telling me they're like the cool new team and like they're not as fancies patriots flick they're just as good and be like a major underdogs to jewish during the patriot adelphia not just as good but but are they in the same conference could they play each other in the super bowl they're both east so they camera and no but then they'll pay in the playoffs maybe in the champs your who else i feel like the seahawks come in every like three no the seahawks or not in the point is to be like so cool and go but like all their fans wore green but i don't think they're like killing it anymore what about the green bay packers always no no because there's john got injured now is what hazard richard aaron rogers a whole array because he went on a date with janika patrick in wisconsin shocking rich people's as a really good actually i feel like i would really i've always wanted to like moved to a small towns you know what i mean like a small place yeah because i don't know just like everyone knows your name in these like homework vibes yeah and like according to hallmark like you can't find love in a big city now it's impossible and that corporate the corporate jobs at enemy and you should follow your passions even if they can no money that's what homework has taught me it's a good lesson to be ready whiz through five stories yeah we're the gist of the wizards of waverley place what what tv's entente we got the bachelor tonight we i mean everything's on tonight bachelor benner pump brawls warehouses beverly hill arm ashore finale beverly hills on tuesday i believe.

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