NASA bumps astronaut off June spaceflight in rare move


Well station federal government remains closed women's protests i'm anne cates as a working saturday for capitol hill lawmakers as they struggle to get the federal government up and running again as a senate majority leader considers a plan of action he arrived to open the senate so made a government shutdown based on immigration issues senator mitch mcconnell is weighing whether a proposal by lindsey graham and others is worth bringing to the floor it would fund government to february eight no strings but with a promise the dreamers and other immigration issues would be taken up along the way mcconnell is hopeful that might fly pedia support for the threeweek deal sir he will have to get back to the nation sometime today his biggest hurdle is how to get sixty votes for anything bob costantini capitol hill dozens of women's marches are being held around the world this weekend to mark one year since president trump took office correspondent carey colin reports protesters were outside the president's estate in palm beach well look the entire group there's the insult to turn around derive outsize a case of marco and every one of these peacefully doing so there's no resistance no they'll commotion whatsoever it has been a safe march off and now without the churn back hundreds of thousands of twitter users are getting emails about a kremlin linked to winner last year identified thousands of accounts associated with the russiabased internet research agency now it says emailing nearly seven hundred thousand twitter users in the us telling them they engaged online with a troll army tried to meddle in the presidential election among those getting emails will be a number of politically active twitter users and the possibilities include some current and former members of the trump administration as well as members of the trump family early i'm jan johnson and facebook is tweaking its algorithms to make sure its users aren't duped by fake news saying there's too much sensationalism and misinformation i'm anne cates.

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