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A public service message from paralyzed veterans of america bs tvs jessica board checking out the high profile police presence the nypd says revellers do not have to worry about security on the ready teams of snipers bag inspecting officers and vapor wake dogs able to detect airborne explosive particles there will also be more barricades in metal detectors than ever before sandfilled sanitation trucks will block off streets along with cement barriers and from nine a m sunday two three am monday the 125 garages in the area offlimits second cities in a deep freeze national weather service meteorologist march in our dialogue only in in a bitter and in they'll be dropping below bureau by tonight we're looking at when so called is mine and mine he for the chicago area i from montana the main temperatures expec acted below ten degrees for the next day or so another night of violence in towns and cities in iran angry protests against the government's the bbc's john ironmonger is monitoring violence from london late into the night demonstrators attacked targets with links to the government and the ruling clerical elites can khorammabad the governor's office was burned in the northern city of mashhad police motorbikes were set alight while crowds taunted the security services red alert for the world is you by the united nations secretarygeneral do we believe we can make all ruled more safe and secure we can several fleets overcome etudes and defend shared values but we can only do that together antonio gutierrez took office a year ago looking forward to a year of peace instead he says the world has gone in reverse we're learning more about the latest example of swatting placing of fake nine one one call in hopes of having the swat team descend on another person's home in wichita kansas lisa finches son answered the door and was killed by the swat team the police said come out with your hands up and kept me my roommate and michael granddaughter who witnessed the shooting and had to step over her dying uncles body in los angeles an arrest in the case police say it all grew out of an online gaming dispute the victim was.

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