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The devotion a california firefighter to his family and to his jobless remembered yesterday at his funeral thirty two year old kori iverson was killed while battling the thomas fire the largest ever recorded in state history iverson leaves behind a pregnant wife and a two year old daughter i don't think i need to state the obvious of who cory was or what he did to impact our lives but i will say that he provided me with the greatest gift of all love the fire that has destroyed more than seven hundred homes in ventura and santa barbara counties is 65 percent contained three dozen people in the philippines are presumed dead following a fire at a shopping mall and officials says trapped employees could not have survived because of the extreme heat and smoke the cause of the fire under investigation one body has been recovered it happened fifteen years ago today the disappearance of a california woman that evolved into a murder trial that captivated the country lacey peterson was nearly eight months pregnant on christmas eve fifteen years ago when she disappeared her husband scott said he'd gone fishing that day and when he returned lacey was gone being seven was pregnant shoes looked at orly would look boat but four months later the body of a baby boy washed up on the shore of the san francisco bay and the body of a wall men wearing maternity clothes washed up the next day near where scott said he'd gone fishing it turned out he'd been dating a woman while married to lacey after the bodies were found he was arrested in san diego in two thousand four a jury convicted him of murder and he was sentenced to death he is still appealing for a new trial jessica rosenthal fox news an email scandal leads to the ouster of three top officials at the miss america pageant the outgoing chairwoman claims she was unjustly vilified and that the full truth will emerge emails that were leaked to the huffington post were critical of the appearance of former miss america's pam who sale fox news radio oh man no in new york uh oh god for move studios in halifax nova scotia canada this is the people's gospel hour tom.

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