The President of the B.P. Council Has Never Seen Anything Like This


We're talking right now with Brandon Judd, he is the president of the national border patrol council. You can follow him on Twitter, by the way, at BP union. I got to ask you, I think you've been in this position. Well, not this position, but on the border, dealing with this for some 22 years, I think I have that right. Have you ever 25? 25. Forgive me. No worries. Anything like this. No. No, absolutely. In fact, in my worst nightmare, I would have never thought that we would have ever gotten to this point. I would have never thought that administration would allow our borders to become so controlled. When you look at any given time, cartels actually control stretches of our border. They understand how it is that they operate. And when they operate under their parameters, they can control stretches of our border at any given time, and that's very dangerous. And we would have never thought that any administration would have allowed that to happen. No,

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