Dinwiddie has 25 in Brooklyn return, Nets beat Bulls 116-105


The nets won their first game since dealing Kevin Durant defeating the bulls one 16 one O 5. Spencer Dinwiddie scored 25 points in his first game since returning to Brooklyn. He was reacquired in the Kyrie Irving trade and provided 18 points in the second half. There's two stops I really enjoyed my MBA career and this is one of them. So if I was going to go back to a place, it would definitely be here. Then what he sparked a 26 run in the fourth quarter. Joe Harris finished with 18 points, and Utah watanabe chipped in 14 and 22 minutes off the bench. Zach lavine led all scores with 38 points, but demar Derozan had just 14 in Chicago's second straight loss. I'm Dave ferry.

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