Sean Spicer on His New Children's Book 'The Parrots Go Bananas!'


We've got a lot to talk about here. You have a book out a brand new book. A kids book called the parrots go bananas, and I believe the parrots were talking about the chattering classes, the mainstream media, the blogosphere, they go bananas because they know Trump is going to have another term. Is that what the children's book is about? Look, that's definitely the none of it. It's about fake news is what it comes down to. The parents basically are part of the folks that go after these two really good individuals, Asher and Bongo, who are just playing a game. They accuse them of cheating. It's for kids four to 12. So we don't get into the heavy stuff here. I gotta be clear. Ladies and gentlemen, I was joking. I have joking. No, I know you know, but just in case anybody's gonna get confused. I'm always half joking. But the point is because I want to talk to you about the preposterous dare I say satanic corruption that goes that's going on right now with the rumors of arresting our president. It's so preposterous, but we're living in crazy times and I have to deal with it by joking. But your book for kids, the parents go bananas, really does deal with actual issues. So talk about that before we get into the news of the day. Yeah, look, I have two 12 year old kids. And I know what it's like for kids to pile on. Something I talked to him, they helped me write the book. I partnered with brave books. You can get it at brain books dot com and the idea is if you think about a Nick Sandman type situation. You remember that he was from Covington Catholic. These kids in the book, these two characters get accused of cheating. Everybody piles on, and they're sitting there saying, what do you mean? You guys know us. We're good individuals. We went to this game and we didn't do anything wrong. And they proved themselves innocent, but at the end of the day, they're trying to teach people about why did you jump to conclusions? Why didn't you take our word on it?

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