Larry Elder Shares His Takeaways From the Recent Education Numbers


When you look at the numbers that we recently got on the education front, and we learned that American students fell so significantly behind during those lockdowns and shutdowns and schools, there weren't in action. What we also learned was that so many students in very poor areas, minority areas, areas that were run by Democrats, they fared much worse than the rest of the country. Is there a takeaway there that people should remember? Absolutely. And again, you look at a place like Baltimore, a Baltimore is where Freddie gray died in police custody a few years ago. The number one and number two people running the police department were black. The people who are in charge of both the county and the city public schools were black. The mayor black, 6 of the officers, three of the 6 officers who were charged were black. The state attorney who blocked the charges against the officers was black. A judge before whom two of the officers tried their cases with black, by the way, he found them not guilty. City council all democratic majority black. The U.S. attorney at the time, Loretta lynch was black. The president at the time with black Barack Obama. And we're talking about systemic racism. I'm reminded of the joke that Wanda Sykes once said, how are you going to complain about the man when you are the man? And you're finding this over and over again and in Baltimore, 13, I'm not making this up, Trish, 13 public high schools involved in the inner city, 0% of the kids are math proficient. And another half a dozen were only 1% of the kids are Mac proficient. That's almost half of all the public high schools in Baltimore were either 0% of the kids or math proficient or only 1% bar. This is absolutely horrific.

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