Biden, congressional leaders likely to meet Tuesday for talks on raising the debt limit


President Biden says he's hopeful about coming to an agreement with Republicans before the U.S. hits the limit of its legal borrowing authority. Speaking to reporters during a bike ride on Sunday, President Biden says he's hopeful there will be more talks with top congressional leaders over the debt limit impasse before he leaves Wednesday for the G 7 summit. You may not be safe because I'm in congenital optimist. But I really think this is desire on their part as well as ours to reach agreement. A plan to host Congress's top four lawmakers on Friday had been put off, but senior administration officials say talks among staff have been productive. President Biden and senator Schumer are stuck on no. House speaker Kevin McCarthy wants to use the threat of defaulting on the nation's debts to leverage conservative policies and force a deep spending cuts to rein in the national debt. President Biden doesn't want a deal. He wants a default. The Treasury Department and office of management and budget have said the government could exhaust its ability to pay its bills as early as June 1st. Jennifer King, Washington

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