Fantom FTM Gains 39 In 7 Days Following Its Integration With Axelar Network



1 p.m. Sunday, January 29th, 2023 phantom FTM gains 39 in 7 days following its integration with axlar network phantom FTM has been one of the best performing tokens of 2023. Pulling off a series of impressive gains in the last few weeks following the market crash in late 2022, FTM began the new year trading as low as 0.2007, representing a 94.19 decline from its all time high value of 3.46. However, with the entire crypto market attempting to pull off a recovery, FTM has been one particular token with lots of investor attention, as its price has surged by over 136 since the start of 2023. Related reading Shiba Inu observes highest rise in burn rate is this normal phantom records 39 profit in 7 days, according to data from coin market cap, phantom FTM gained by 38.77 in the last 7 days alone, outperforming major cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum ETH, cardano ADA, ripple XRP, and Bitcoin BTC itself. While FTM has been on an upward trend since the first week of the year, its price rally in the last week can be attributed to phantom's recent integration with the axlar network. On January 24th, the phantom foundation announced a partnership with axlar, which will introduce inter chain communication to the phantom network as of the time of writing, FTM is trading at 0.4724, having gone up by 1.98 in the last 24 hours. Based on more data from coin market cap, the daily trading volume of FTM is currently 240.7 million, while its total market cap is 1.312 billion. FTM trading at 0.4790 source must chart of trading view dot com related reading AAV seeks proposal to clear itself a bad debt can it overcome these obstacles, what does Axl R's integration mean for phantom users according to a blog post by phantom, axlar network is a blockchain that connects blockchains, enabling universal web three interoperability, basically axlar functions as a medium for communication and transfer of value between several blockchains. Following the integration with the axler network, phantom automatically becomes part of an ecosystem that consists of over 30 different blockchains capable of seamlessly interacting with one another using the general message passing GMP protocol, developers on the phantom network will be able to easily access smart contact codes on any chain connected to axlar. The GMP protocol will also allow DApps and users to send and receive data and function calls across the multiple chains in axel R's ecosystem. Another benefit of Axl R's integration with phantom is the introduction of one click cross chain swaps on the platform's biggest decentralized exchange, spooky swap. Using squid, an axillary based protocol that reroutes liquidity between chains, spooky swap users, will seamlessly swap native tokens of different chains in one click. In every transaction, the axler network will process the cross chain gas conversions from the source chain token to the destination chain token, ensuring that users need not own crypto wallets on multiple chains or hold native tokens of other chains for gas fees, that said, other chains on the axlar network aside from phantom include our, moonbeam, polygon, osmosis, et cetera featured image zit max, chart from trading view dot com

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