'Scalia: Rise to Greatness, 1936-1986' With James Rosen


So this book Scalia rise to greatness really is the most in depth treatment of Scalia's life. It benefits from a wealth of documentary and personal sources that were either overlooked by or unavailable to his previous biographers. One such source is a secret oral history of his life that justice Scalia conducted in Supreme Court chambers with an interviewer in 1992, and which is now being published for the first time in these pages. And so Scalia was born in New Jersey. He moved when he was 5 to queens. He loved queens. He grew up in a multi ethnic neighborhood playing stick ball and what part of the queen since I grew up in Queens, I have to ask. Elmhurst queens. Okay. My people are from elmhurst. This is kind of amazing to me thinking of him growing up in LA. I feel the synchronicity coursing through me right now. It's actually, I don't know, I'm touched by that. Wow. So, and he was, as you say, devout Catholic, his father was an Italian immigrant who came to the United States not knowing English with only $400 in his pocket in 1920. His mother was the daughter of Italian immigrants. They both wound up becoming teachers, his mother in elementary school teacher and Scalia's father, a Professor of romance languages at Brooklyn college for 30 years. Now, between the liturgy of the Catholic Church itself and the reverence for text that he inherited from his parents and specifically his father, a romance languages professor who was leery of translation from one language to another and its ability perhaps to warp the original meaning of text, Scalia grew up with from all of these influences, a profound reverence for the inviolability of sacred texts. He went to Jesuit institutions for high school and college, Xavier high school in New York City, which was a rare hybrid of a military academy run by Jesuits. And then he went to Georgetown university in both places, he was top of his class Magna cum laude at Harvard Law School top 5 of his class there. He had an incredible prodigious capacity for hard work,

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