Tornadoes kill at least 10 across US Midwest and South


There's widespread damage in parts of the south and Midwest. After a swarm of tornadoes ripped through communities leaving at least ten people dead in their wake. Arkansas appears to be the hardest hit, the small town of wind near the Tennessee border is covered in the debris of smashed homes, businesses, and downed trees. There are fatalities, several injuries, and some people reported missing in the Little Rock area. Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders on K ATV. We will get back up the next day and keep moving. We will help our neighbors. We will ensure that every arkansan who needs assistance has it. In Belvedere, Illinois, the roof of the Apollo theater collapsed during a tornado, one person was killed two dozen hurt. Police say the theater was packed and downed power lines made the evacuation difficult emergency managers in Sullivan county, Indiana. Say at least three people there were killed during the storm. I'm Jackie Quinn

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