Rep. Bob Good: Calling for 1990s-Era Work Requirements on Welfare


The things I really appreciate about your plan is to actually embrace the Bill Clinton era, work requirements on welfare. I think for me, and we're going to get to that in a second, but congressman just imagine how far the Democrat party has moved to the left when they were the ones who actually embraced these ideas of, hey, you know, if you're gonna get all welfare, you gotta show us your, you're out there trying to get a job. No question. There's our 3 million less Americans working today than there were when Biden became president and not only is it costing us we're going to save about $30 billion a year on the spending side by having able bodied Americans return to work. So not only is there an economics budgetary savings there, but it will fuel the economy, job creators, employers and businesses can not increase productivity, can not invest in their businesses the way they want to in terms of growing that business without workers. And so there's a cultural component to it. There's a moral virtue that's part of work that we're hurting our country, our hurting our society. We're also against we're spending money to provide federal subsistence to people who are able to work, but then also we're holding back our economy. This president is projected to continue like the anemic 1% economic growth. We got to get back to Trump's pro growth policies, three to 4% growth, which means cutting the regulations again instead of increasing means keeping Trump's tax cuts in place and cutting taxes even more. It means getting Americans back to work as you've just noted there. And it means unleashing American energy again. All those are critical to getting the economy churning again, which will mean we can get to fiscal balance more quickly than we can. We're just trying to cut our way there alone. We got to cut the spending no question, but we all got also got to get Americans back to work, get the economy going again.

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