Report: 119K people hurt by riot-control weapons since 2015


A new report finds more than 100,000 people have been injured around the world since 2015 by crowd control weapons. I'm Ben Thomas with a closer look. Police firing tear gas in Paris last week. It's demonstrators protested the French government's proposed pension reforms. Physicians for human rights and the international network of civil liberties organizations have documented that at least 119,000 people have been injured by tear gas and other chemical errors since 2015, another 2000 suffered injuries from less lethal impact projectiles, the report calls for bands of rubber bullets and a multi projectile devices in all crowd control settings and tighter restrictions on weapons that may be used indiscriminately, such as tear gas, acoustic weapons, and water cannons, which in some cases have been loaded with dyes and chemical irritants. I'm Ben Thomas.

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