The U.S. surgeon general has some tips for parents and teens on social media use


The U.S. Surgeon General is calling for immediate action by tech companies and lawmakers to protect kids and adolescents mental health on social media. Doctor Vivek Murthy says policymakers can strengthen safety standards and technology companies can do better at protecting children's privacy adhering to age minimums and responding quicker to complaints. In the meantime, the Surgeon General has tips for parents and kids, reach out for help if you or someone you know is being negatively affected by social media, create boundaries, limit the use of bones, tablets, and computers for at least one hour before bedtime. Be cautious about what you share, don't keep harassment or abuse a secret, reach out to at least one person you trust, create a family media plan along with tech free zones and parents should model responsible behavior and empower kids by teaching them about technology and responsibility. I'm Julie Walker

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