In this week's AP Religion Minute, a pioneer of Gospel music is rediscovered


I'm Walter ratliff with the religion minute. For more than two decades, the work of gospel music composer, Charles Henry pace, sat silent and 14 unorganized crates. I knew we had this gospel collection, but nobody had ever really looked into it. Christopher lynch is a musicologist at the center for American music at the university of Pittsburgh. We had about 140 pieces of music that didn't exist in any other library in the world. Lynch and his team discovered that pace was an early pioneer of gospel music. Herbert Jones, the founder of the heritage gospel corral, says bases archives helped secure Pittsburgh special place in music history. Pittsburgh was a stop over point for jazz musicians and from blues musicians back in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. So this is another niche in the history of Pittsburgh and the music field. This week, the community showcased pace's work at a free concert in Pittsburgh's hill district. Hi, Walter radliff.

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