John Berlau From CEI Talks About the Economic Landscape


To have you back on the show. I mean, lots going on. We're going to get to the CFPB stuff here in just a minute. But give me just sort of an impression. I mean, we've been talking about markets. We've been talking about, you know, over time when you've been with us before, that business issues and things going on in our financials. Where do you see us right now, John? There's a lot of folks out there that are still, you know, looking at the fan, they're looking at the now unfortunately unfortunately, having to look at it and getting into a political season, where are you looking at it right now? I look at the market, I never underestimate the initiative and entrepreneurship and innovation of the American people. No matter what politicians do to them, as my colleague Wayne Cruz says at CEI, we don't all politicians. You don't need a stimulus. All you need is just to remove the rocks on the that are keeping the garden from growing. And there are a lot of rocks, but people are find ways to get around them. And now with divided government with the Republican House, you have at least somewhat of a break and hopefully the courts that Trump appointed judges and maybe others who will see the who will take seriously the constitution will also give American entrepreneurs a break. Like in this case where they hopefully will place the consumer financial protection bureau some monstrosity created by Dodd Frank to be escaped the accountability of both the president and Congress under some constitutional constraints.

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