Actor Dean Cain Describes Meeting and Dating Brook Shields


When you were in college, you were still really into sports, you weren't athlete, you mentioned even after college, how you played for the Buffalo Bills. How did you get connected with Brooke Shields in college? How did you ask her out? I heard you guys dated. So did you kind of see her and think, you know what? I think I'm gonna go chat with her or did you kind of already know you're both a Hollywood or LA connection? No, I don't think that was part of it. For me, just having that knowing that world, it wasn't something that was unfamiliar to me. But she was a year ahead of me. And we ended up having a class together. My sophomore year, religion, two 11. Malcolm diamond, the professor, and I remember I just was waiting for class. It's like, you know, wait for a class to get out. and we were in this big hallway. Staircase kind of going up. And I looked up and she looked at me at the same time, I looked at her and kind of just saw each other, it's mild. That was it. And then we just started chatting here and there. And I really, there's a lot of baggage that would go with dating someone that famous. Even at Princeton, even though Princeton, a lot of the kids were like, oh, we're so cool. We're going to pretend like we don't care that she is who she is. Oh, who cares? And then there was a lot of that stuff kind of going on, but I didn't think twice. I was an athlete and just doing my thing. And then we sort of met. And after we dated a little of my sophomore year, I literally said there's no way. I'm going to ever date this woman. It's just too much stuff. What a pain in the tail. No possible way. And then, of course, my junior year in senior year was still dating there. But that happens. Things change. Things change, yeah. Yeah. Well, I saw that reason. So that's how I developed a really normal boy meets girl girl meets boy in the hallway outside of class.

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