Pat Boone Has Always Been a Beacon of Wholesomeness


Fascinating that at that young age, you were presented as this image of a wholesomeness and already in the 50s. Look, this is just the way of the world. The dark side is always attractive. And people don't understand what they're getting into. You know, you kind of think like, wow, Elvis Presley, the idea that he died of a drug overdose bloated Iraq at age 42. It breaks your heart. How many of those people they trod that path? And they died so young whether they were talking to Jimi Hendrix or anybody, any name, you know, Jim Morrison. I mean, on and on and on and on and you represent it obviously something very, very different. And The Rolling Stones and even The Beatles, if they were experimenting with drugs, they were very wealthy, and they could go to Switzerland and then have their blood transfused. Yes, Keith Richards famously had to get a blood transfusion because he was so loaded up with drugs. He's like, not a problem. I'll just go to some clinic in Switzerland, and we'll take care of that. Yeah, but kids were dying by the thousands following examples with the drugs that they couldn't afford to have their blood transfused. And people weren't even making well, there was a connection, but I mean, you know, you couldn't blame them for just sinking in their songs and living their lives the way they wanted to. But the fallout from it was too bad. It was very unfortunate. And of course, here I was had four daughters living in Beverly Hills and going to church regularly and riding bestselling books of Christian principles. And yet having rock and roll records at the same time. And so I was okay.

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