Pat Boone Has Met Everyone, From Elvis to the Queen


I'm talking to pat Boone. Yes, the patent. I could get any guy named pat Boone, but no, we took the trouble to track down the real pat Boone. Who has boy pat? You've met anyone I can think of. You have stories with The Beatles. You did business with The Beatles in the 60s. I did business with The Beatles. You met the queen twice. Yes, yes, twice, and the second time was very embarrassing. I think I did I tell you about this. You did and how many times did you walk on the moon? Be honest. Well, only once in my dreams. And it was scary, so I didn't it was a nightmare. You sung about the moon. You've met many astronauts. I mean, look, you've just met about everybody. I mean, everybody that was on the dais at the Dean Martin rose, the greatest program of all time. You've met most of those people. Yeah, and they've all made jokes about me too, and not on the roast. But just in their shows. And then they're well, because you became. You became that guy, you know, that we wanted to make fun of something wholesome we'd make fun of pat Boone. And what's the line where Dean Martin or somebody says that I shook papon's hand in my whole my whole right side sobered up? Big laugh because the audiences knew what he was talking about. Eric from the very beginning of my career where Elvis was, you know, my opening act and we've talked about that because I already had 3 million selling hits before we met and he only had one record and it was a sock hop in Cleveland. He was a punk. He was a punk, you took him out of the gutter. Is that what you're saying? No. But it was all like that. But he was considered the rebel.

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