Voddie Baucham and Eric Discuss REAL Oppression


Look, at the heart of Christianity, is we're supposed to understand I am my own worst oppressor. I need to repent. I am the problem. So when you want to point the finger at somebody, which is what atheist marxists do, it makes the problem worse because it is not identifying the actual problem, the actual oppressor, it's creating a scapegoat and around and around we go. And you are quite right. I mean, we don't call out real oppression. And then when we see real oppression, we don't call it out. You know, for example, as you said, I'm a dean at the African Christian university, and Osaka and Zambia. I've lived in south Central Africa for the last almost 8 years. And it amazes me how people want to talk about white colonizers and white oppressors and they set in the other. But you never hear them, for example, to talk about female genital mutilation. Or women being basically sold as child brides. I mean, these are real things that are happening. But we're not hearing about that. We're hearing about these other ideas that are about power. They're about transferring power. They're about me speaking up in a way that will cause people to give me positions to give me power to give me prestige that I haven't earned and that don't require me to really do anything in regard to real oppression.

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