John Zmirak: Never-Trump Christians Need to Repent


Just talking about two columns that you wrote for the stream dot org stream dot org. They go hand in hand. So the first part we've just discussed, what is the second part part two? Part two, but they need to repent. Never Trump Christians and their leftist allies owe us apologies. Now, again, this is uses sort of Donald Trump as the figure, but it's not just about what people did to Trump. It's what they said and did to his supporters. Because if he just stayed a real estate magnet, they wouldn't have bothered him. So it really wasn't about him. It was about his supporters. It was about the deplorables. It was about those of us who don't belong at the country club, except maybe as caddies. And like we're caddies at the country club who tried to come drink in the bar. And it's their job to get us horrible redneck white trash out of the bar. Get us out of politics and get us back on the links carrying bags, which is what we're supposed to do. What was said and done to Trump supporters over the past 6 years has been unspeakable. They accused us of wanting a dictatorship where we would imprison our political enemies. Actually, it turned out that's what the Democrats wanted. They accused us of being fascist, but they're the ones who wanted the lockdown to lock down people in their homes and close their churches and make them lose their jobs and close their businesses. They accused us of wanting to control people's bodies. They're the ones who forced this dead baby vaccine into our veins at the threat of losing their jobs, being kicked out of the military.

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