John Zmirak on the Grim Reality of Drug Cartels in Latin America


Drug cartels of Latin America are they make the mafia in movies like The Godfather look like the little sisters of the poor. Yeah. These cartels will massacre birthday parties and kill all the children in order to get the guy who's the waiter. They will wipe out whole villages. Large parts of Mexico are controlled by these cartels to the point where the government really is not sovereign. It's tragic in 2000. I went down to Mexico for the one time in my life and I went to the city of monterrey. At the time, it was wealthy and coming. It was like Dallas with refried beans and salsa. But I mean, it had beautiful old 17th century churches. And even the slums had a certain dignity to them where people hung out decorations and had religious pictures. And I thought, this is beautiful. If only all of Mexico were like this. I've since talked to people Uber drivers and people immigrants who lived in Monterey scents and it was taken over by the cartels and it is now a hellhole just like Juarez and Mexico City. And it is heartbreaking. There are millions of people good, honest, well meaning family people who would like to live in an orderly society and there's no hope of that in Mexico. A lot of them are coming to America looking for it and the Democrats are using those same people to smash it up.

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