Beto, Japan And President discussed on The South Florida Morning Show


Lexical. oh that was part of last night's big democrat presidential debate in miami another debate tonight in miami in the magic city new jersey senator corey booker was the most searched candidate he also got the most time on stage most facetime more than any other candidate during last night's presidential debate google trends analyzed what people were searching the most is the debate was going on and they found that the former secretary of u._s. housing and urban development houlihan castro surged as the debate went on some candidates answered questions in spanish as you heard beto do their a search for english translations also surged during the debate the second debate with another ten democrats is tonight at nine o'clock and among the top candidates on stage will be former vice president joe biden vermont senator bernie sanders california senator camel harris and south bend indiana mayor p buddha judge president trump while on his way to japan for the g twenty summit tweeted boring during the democrat debate he's now wheels down in

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