US aims to thrive under pressure in World Cup showdown with France


And it is a huge day for women's world cup because the game coming up later on today i think it's three o'clock eastern time here in the states it's going to take place in france obviously in paris it is france against the u._s. we'll have julie foudy from the laughter minute podcast as well as all other world cup soccer accolades besides that podcast i feel kinda bad like i'm shorting julie by mentioning her podcast i although it's her most recent venture and i'm sure it's wonderful but she has scrolling resume of excellence and many other things so that's why she's joining us to talk about this matchup again the u._s. has lost their last through not excuse me they are winless in their last three matchups against france oh two in one and this is going to be the biggest test for the u._s. by far and it's also by far going to be the biggest test for the french because they're dealing with home-country pressure like

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