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Do nineteenth nineteen ninety nine it was a historic day for many reasons. The United States was hosting the women's World Cup for the first time the US national team was set to play giant stadium in New Jersey. But the historic moment, I wanna talk about took place before the first whistle before the team was in the stadium before they're even off the bus. Here's Christine Lilley who was about to play her third World Cup. And then we started continue to go and the exit, we're getting off was where all the traffic was cheese. What is going on? Why is there so much traffic at our exit? I know a traffic jam probably not historic moment. You are expecting the journalists Caitlyn Murray, the author of the book, the national team spoke about the magnitude of this moment. It wasn't until the players started to see that these cars, head paint on them that said go USA, and they had red white. And blue and that's one the players realize. Away all of this. Traffic is here for us. See up until this point. No one was sure the US team would fill NFL stadiums. And as they got closer to the stadium people recognize that it was the team boss, and they were taking pictures of.

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